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Heroin is a thick , sticky goo or white or brown powder. It is an opiate drug made of morphine, a natural ingredient in the Asian cocoa plant's seedpod. The water can be combined and a needle inserted. The snoring of heroin up the nose can also be smoked. Both this methods are very easy to deliver heroin to the brain. It’s highly addictive. You Can Buy Heroin Online and Get Heroin for Sale Online. Heroin's major safety problems include defects, heart attacks and overdose death. Many people who inject the drug can also become infected with HIV / AIDS and hepatitis. Heroin can be routinely used tolerantly. This means that patients need more and more drugs to do the same. The body relies on heroin at higher doses over time. You have withdrawal effects if heroin stops addicted users. These include restlessness, bone and muscle pain, vomiting, and cold blows of goose.